2023 Street Food Festival Set Up

Hi Guys! Chris posted this information in his last Market Report, but I just wanted to make sure everyone saw it and could find it quickly for reference for Sunday!

Street Food Festival - Important Changes
We have quite a few more food trucks participating this weekend, and as such a few traditional details are impacted.

  • Season Pass Vendors should arrive early, and indoor vendors should expect to be diverted into the parking lots sooner than usual. The front road is going to become cluttered, and drive-through will be impossible.
  • Food trucks should arrive between 7:30am and 9am; some will be going into the back, others out front. The Reserved Booth trucks will maintain their usual spaces, but all others will be placed by me after 8am on Sunday.
  • The roads will be hard-closed at 9:30am, per our security protocol. Late arrivals may not have a participation option.
  • Do not drop your food truck or begin your full setup unless you receive a Firm OK on your placement from one of our staff. It’s a tight setup this weekend, and we do not have extra space available.
  • Finally, no tents or awnings this weekend on Reggie White Blvd (the back food court is OK for tents/awnings).

We’ll be busy helping people find spots and get settled, so thanks for your patience with the process.

Looking forward to another great Street Food Festival!


Hi Sarah, thanks for reposting. Question, as a season pass holder, drive in front as usual or should we divert to the rear entrance? What time will they open the rear entrance?

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Use the front until it is closed - but anticipate that it will close early.

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Thanks for clearing that up. See yall Sunday bright eyed and bushy tail :joy:

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As a Food Truck season pass holder, we just want to make it clear that we choose to be in front as we usually are, every year . I know the rest of the season pass holders were ask to choose last Sunday, I think I missed talking to anyone in person about being up front.

Hi Elaine - yes, that’s fine. Chris was talking about the season pass holders up front when he said they will stay in place. We’ve already got other people going in your spots in the back. No worries!

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