Street Food Festival Set Up 411

Hi guys,

Hot off the presses, all you need to know (hopefully) about vendor set up for the Street Food Festival this weekend:

  • Food Truck/Concession Vendors Only - You will all be up in the front this weekend; there will be no back Food Court. We will not be assigning locations, but will allow you to set up on a first come, first serve basis, starting in the middle and working out toward the ends. You won’t be allowed to drive past vendors who have already set up, so be aware and be ready to drive around to the other side of the pavilion if needed.

  • Non-concession Vendors - Everyone will be inside this weekend to allow room for the food trucks in the front. There will be NO entry into the front of the pavilion. If you are a reserved booth vendor, you may drive in and out of the back entrance of the pavilion for set up. As always, only reserved booth vendors will be allowed to drive in for set up.

  • Above all, plan to be where you need to be before 9:30 a.m., because that is the new road closure time. That will be for this weekend, as well as all weekends going forward. We will not move the barricades after that point in time, so get there early and get out as quickly as you can.

  • Be considerate of other vendors. If you are unloading your items, unload them into your booth space only. Also, take care to ensure that your products, your vehicle, and your person are not blocking access to someone else’s booth space.

  • No vehicles will be allowed to park on the patios surrounding the pavilion without prior approval from market staff. If you park on the patio without prior approval, you will be required to move. Any requests for patio parking approval should be directed to

If you do have additional questions, feel free to hit up the help desk (

And that’s that. With your help and consideration, we look forward to a spectacular Street Food Festival! See you Sunday!