Berry Good News - 2024 Strawberry Festival

I know we’re all berried (buried! ha!) in Opening Weekend preparations, and I’m sure you’re all in a jam for time. But I prefer my pie in the sky, and hope you’ll have some attention leftover to help us out with next weekend’s Strawberry Festival!

Help us make this a successful ex-berry-ence (experience . . . explaining a joke makes it funnier, right?)! If you make candles, try your strawberry scent. If you make jewelry consider a strawberry pendant. If you make ice cream, make it a strawberry flavor - you get the picture!!! Speaking of pictures, be sure to send in snapshots of your creations so we can give you bunches of love on social media!

And the cream on top? Vendor booth contests! A crisp, green $50 bill will be awarded to the best strawberries in the patch. The categories are as follow:

Eat, Drink, and Be Berry (Best Strawberry-Themed Food Product)
Strawberry Fine [Art] (Most Creative Strawberry-Themed Art/Craft)
Jam Packed (Most Festive Booth Overall)

For your chance to be picked, click here!

Hopefully, my punniness wasn’t the last straw(berry). But I’m sure $50 will go a long way toward patching things up!

Until the festival, my friends . . .


brightened my day! love it

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