Strawberry Festival! - Are you ready?

Wow, the last few Sundays have been AMAZING! If you’re new (or were new last year) you’ll want to be prepared for our THEMED Sundays. Strawberry Festival is highly promoted and the messaging is that our vendors join in the strawberry theme! So if you make candles, try your strawberry scent. If you make jewelry consider a strawberry pendant, if you make ice cream, make it a strawberry flavor - you get the picture!!!

To make this fun and keep you entertained, we’ll bring back our vendor CONTEST! The best arts/crafts vendor with a strawberry theme wins $100 cash - and so will the best food vendor (sorry, farms excluded - because I mean?). Hope you come up with some fun creations!!!

ALSO, please shoot me over a picture of something berry strawberry and a brief description and I’ll promote it on social media!