Calling All Bakers - Market Baketacular is this Weekend!

Hello Bakers!

The Market Baketacular is this Sunday and this day is all about highlighting the amazing bakers and their delicious baked goods at The Chattanooga Market! We want to make sure we’re highlighting you for this special occasion.

The first way to get highlight - Join the theme by providing special offers or unique items just for this Sunday. It’s a day all about bakers so make sure you’re providing something special to draw in customers. Don’t forget to tag us in any posts about this weekend (ChattaMarket - IG, The Chattanooga Market - FB).

The second way to be highlighted - We’ll be hosting a cake walk (with a twist) at 1:30 pm on the Lodge Cast Iron Sizzle Stage and we would love for you to consider being a part of the festivities. Not familiar with a cake walk? The short version is market visitors can take part in a sort of musical chairs meets prize drawing. When the music stops, those visitors participating in the round will pick a number on the ground to stand on in hopes that their number is pulled from the bag and they win your item!

Our twist? We’re highlighting a whole lot more than cakes at The Chattanooga Market Cake Walk! We want to showcase all the baked goods at the market - think cookies, cakes, breads, bagels, cupcakes, baklava, and any other delicious item that market goers should know about. The size of the item is up to you, but we ask that it be able to feed enough people so everyone in a family could enjoy the winnings.

In order to participate:

  1. Email with the name of the item you would like to donate to the cake walk.

  2. Please include 1-2 sentences about your company that we can read aloud when it’s your item’s time. We want people to learn about your business!

  3. Bring your item to the front desk during check in this Sunday, May 21st.


I believe I signed up for the training from8-830 this Sunday but I can’t find the signup. Can someone verify that Crochet by Catie Carter is signed up?

Thank you!

It appears you are signed up for the new vendor orientation this Sunday. You can also log in to your Sign Up Genius account to view a list of events that you are registered to attend.

Thanks so much, Lauren!

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I am marked for orientation that morning since my app was just approved. I have a very specific bakery and am wondering if I can join after I finish my morning new vendor orientation?


I see there’s an open spot and I have a cool collaboration. I’m doing with another vendor that also owns the restaurant. I’m really excited that they allowed me to do this. I didn’t know about this in time to sign up, but I do see that there’s a spot open.