Chattanooga Market, Week 2 Reminders

A brief follow-up reminder regarding this upcoming weekend.

It’s lovely to have the relatively calm day of Friday to load-in and get prepared for the market, but this weekend will be our first “all-in-one-day” load, market and leave of the season. The vendor handbook is filled with timelines, schedules and such - here is that link - but here are a few reminders:

  • Market hours are 11am-4pm, but people arrive early. You should be setup at 10am
  • Our front desk opens at 8am. If you have a Season Pass, you know your spot and can begin setup earlier.
  • Only Season Pass holders, with a permanent parking pass, can drive into the Pavilion. All else must load in from the parking areas.
  • All vehicles must be out of the pavilion by 9am; the front road closures will be barricaded at 9:30am, so those vehicle must be cleared as well.
  • If you have not started setup in your booth space by 9:30am, your spot may be reassigned to someone else. 9:30am is our check-in cutoff. Walk-up vendors will begin booth assignments from the available pool at 9:30am.

And the merry day begins! For the exit, a similar structure continues:

  • the market remains open until 4pm; do not break down early.
  • if the venue is safe, as deemed by the market manager in charge (and CPD), vehicles will be allowed into the front street at 4:30pm. This can be delayed if patrons linger beyond 4:30pm
  • Season Pass holders may drive into the pavilion at 5pm, or sooner if deemed safe by the market manager in charge (and CPD).
  • 6pm sales envelopes should be dropped, and ideally everyone out of the pavilion at this time. We do have a few which take a bit longer - expect some good natured hassle, but we will wait for you.

If you have any questions, ask someone at the front desk before making a wrong assumption. 90% of our rules and structures are simply to keep everyone safe, and to make the process as smooth as possible.

On that note, we did have an emergency response during close on Sunday – thanks to everyone who helped the fire and EMT vehicles navigate in safely and without obstruction, and for pitching in to assist as needed. Fortunately all ended well, but having an amazing CPD team, trained staff and helpful vendor community is something we’re super proud of.