Candy and Costumes! Getting Ready for the Kiddos!

This Sunday is our annual Haunted Market :jack_o_lantern: If you’re a new vendor, you’re in for a real treat (or trick :rofl:) Families will come in droves on Sunday, trick or treating at the Market and getting their few minutes in the spotlight at our costume parade (1:30 on the back stage). It’s a day to dress up in costume and come prepared with plenty of candy to hand out! Thank you for helping to make this such a fun day for kids of all ages!! :candy: :lollipop: :jack_o_lantern:

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how much candy should we bring? 100 pieces? 500 pieces??? more???

Maybe bring non candy items too, like stickers, etc for the children that aren’t allowed to have candy. We had several grateful parents and happy children who couldn’t have the candy we provided but we’re so excited to have a sticker. :grin:


It’s OK to run out - but maybe a 2-3 bags, whatever feels good to you. The Haunted Market has become a great “family-safe” event for Chattanooga


thanks! sounds great!

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