Chattanooga Market Opening Weekend Registration

Registration for Opening Weekend has been pushed to our RSVP system (Signup Genius), and will open Thursday morning (very early).

Things you should know prior to registering and paying us fees:

  • The items discussed in this video/post
  • you must be an approved, current and in-good-standing market vendor
  • you must register within the vendor category for which you belong; do not attempt to jump categories if yours becomes filled – it won’t work :slight_smile:
  • Season Pass holders already have a spot reserved (although not yet selected) – do not register twice
  • space will run out; only season pass holders are guaranteed an interior spot (see item #1 on this list)
  • registration will close (ready or not) no later than April 8; my guess is that we will sell out well before that date arrives
  • you must create a Signup Genius account (free) in order to register. This will make it a lot easier for you in the long run; if you have any difficulties, we can help you to create one

Finally, only the email addresses within our vendor management system who are current/active have been authorized to register for the Chattanooga Market. It’s important that you use the same email address consistently, otherwise you will not be able to register for an event and will get upset, flustered, etc. However - it’s simple enough to fix, just email us and we can take a look at those things,

All of that to say, IT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN! I’m so pumped to get things rolling again, this is going to be a fun year.

(And before you ask… May registrations for the Market will open around April 1. We have a new person joining our team, and also want to make sure the first event/weekend is working fairly smoothly before we populate the following month. Shaking off the cobwebs, if you will…)


For those who are vending at the River Market on Saturday the 23rd, is there a way to consolidate our fees, or would we have to pay the River Market fee and the $95 opening weekend fee? Thanks.

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Opening Weekend is a two-day event, so that’s our current focus – if space is avail for arts/crafts on Sunday only, then we will announce that offering a bit later. Different strokes for different folks.

The weather knocked us a bit last year, but otherwise both locations are typically good on Saturdays. It’s more about whatever you like

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Is it my understanding that those who have a season pass do not need to register for opening weekend or is that incorrect?

Good morning! I went to sign up on sign up genius but it says I am not allowed access. I’m using the email address I’ve always used but I was not an active vendor last year due to being at a different job. However I was the year before and will be this year as well. Can you help?

Business name : Lola (formerly the creative blonde)


  • Season Pass holders already have a spot reserved (although not yet selected) – do not register twice
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Contact the Help Desk ( – they will need to review your account.

We do not subdivide the Arts/Crafts section into smaller categories when space planning,

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I wanted to let you know it says sign up limited to no more than one registration meaning that we can’t register for both opening weekend and the orientation which I need to do!

hmm. ok, thus the reason for the shakedown… always something new discovered during the season restart! thx for letting us know

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That is correct-----

I believe this has now been resolved; you should be able to register for both the orientation and market vendor registration without an error message

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The Open Registration phase of registration is at 60% of availability, and overall capacity (including our Season Pass holders) is closer to 80% of total. We can not create more space, so once it’s gone…

We are already looking closer to 2019 than 2021 in terms of our footprint. It’s going to be exciting!


When I try to register it says my email is not on a list?

You seem to be in this group - just email the help desk so that they can compare your email address with what you are using vs. what we have on file

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Is the only orientation on Friday April 22 at 5pm for the new vendors? Or will there be another?

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there will be another one in May

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When I go to register for opening weekend, it saysm 1pm-7pm for Friday, April 22nd for $95. I want to do the 23rd and 24th. How do we do that?

the times listed are the setup day/window. it’s not a comprehensive event detail