Chattanooga Market Capacities, Booth Placement, and Registrations

Two things:

  • the Chattanooga Market capacities were incorrectly set at 200 booths available on the registration system, which did not factor in the Season Pass holders. This has since been corrected, which means that fewer spots are available for signups.
  • booth placement is driven by Vendor Priority Points, which means that all new vendors (or even longer-term vendors with less than approximately 50 points) will most likely be placed outside during our peak season. There is no way to shortcut the system – if you are new, you should expect to be outside.

Finally, if you plan to attend the market - you should register. Registration can be accomplished three different ways, with a fourth option for last-minute attendance:

  • those who prepaid with a Season Pass have already registered, and are expected to attend every market day. If you are unable to attend a particular weekend, we do appreciate the email letting us know - and someone else will be given your booth for that particular day.

  • Vendors may self-service/register online using the RSVP portal – just click on the RSVP menu item at the top of the vendor forum (here) to view all of the available listings. We collect prepaid registrations in order to reduce the number of no-shows each week, which complicates the placement of those outside who would prefer to be inside – registering for a market but not attending doesn’t make any financial sense, but it also impacts others. Don’t be that guy/gal - attend, or at least let us know if you need to cancel.

  • If you aren’t great with computers, or are just having a bad technology day (which happens to me a lot!) – ask one of the market managers to help you register for upcoming weeks while you are at the market. They can go into the system, add you to the events you wish to attend, accept your cash/check/CC registration payments, and otherwise help you with the process. We’re here to help.

  • Finally, if you just wake up one morning and decide “today would be a good market day” – then you can simply show up and wait for a spot during most every market except Opening Weekend, Oktoberfest and Holiday Market. (Those are always sold-out, and I’ll just save you the trouble now…) People win the Lottery, and you might too, but you should plan to be outside during those walk-up days - you will be dead-last in line for placement. Even the person with a single Priority Point will be processed before the most senior walk-up vendor with hundreds of points… planning trumps impulse at the Market.


Having said all of that, being outside is not bad. At all! One of our brand-new vendors completely sold-out outside this last weekend, and several of our more senior vendors who prefer to be outside sold-out as well. Outside just means that people see you first and last - a win/win!

Just be prepared, and bring a tent and lots of water to stay hydrated - the sun can be rough during the summer.


Chris, Can you tell me if I’m signed up for the 18th ? Danny Phifer

One quick question - at orientation I was told if you sell food you would be inside; is that correct? Also, how do we know how many points we have?
Thank you

Aaron - there are no blanket guarantees at the Market, other than Priority Points drive booth placement. You receive one point for every market you attend, plus 1 point for every $250 in commissions paid. You have 1.16 points.

The Market is divided into three sections: our grocery, our arts/crafts and our entertainment/concessions section. Each has finite capacity, and each is filled based on point standings. During low produce periods, others in the grocery section will likely find theirselves indoors; during peak harvest seasons, our larger farms typically occupy those same spaces.

Thank you so much for the clarification!!!

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