Chattanooga Market Report 5/12 Mother's Day

Mother’s Day turned out to be a fantastic day, and one for the history books: we posted the highest vendor sales average in the history of the Market!

  • Total Market Sales: $141,588
  • Average Sales/Vendor: $848 (a record high!)

Farms led the market this weekend, with four farms in our Top 10 for the day (including the #1 and #2 spots). Food trucks had a strong showing, and arts/crafts for Mom also posting solid sales. 46 of our vendors posted sales over $1k.

Sales breakdown by major segment are often useful to look at:

  • Concessions: $1,322 avg sales/vendor
  • Food & Agriculture:; $1,054
  • Home Goods: $501
  • Personal Goods: $638

We share the averages to give you a relative sense of performance, but even within those segments there can be a lot of variance. Personal goods would include inexpensive items such as soap, all the way to very expensive items such as jewelry. So if you aren’t seeing the exact same levels, don’t necessarily take it wrong – the key is to know yourself, your product and what threshold of sales is good for you.

A warm congrats to @Tucker and @Gib for their first time at the helm of the Chattanooga Market. You guys did great!