Market Report - Opening Weekend

I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted – it was a heck of a weekend. The weather definitely knocked us on Saturday, but we still did about $65k on Saturday with the remainder on Sunday. That far exceeded my expectations as I stood in the wet, cold rain on Saturday morning.

A few sales reports outstanding, but I know that total weekend sales will exceed $200k and average vendor sales (per day) was around $800 – over $1500 for the weekend. That’s solid, and would have even been higher if so many hadn’t sold out. It was an excellent show of support from our community.

Congrats! You all were terrific. Let’s do it again this Sunday!

Live music will return on Sunday, May 9 now that the restrictions have been lifted by the City, and we will slowly increase available capacity as national and local policies are eased. My personal target is for us to be back to “normal” by July 4, possibly earlier if the positive trends hold.


Thanks for the report Chris, and thanks to the market staff for all their work. I think things went as smooth as they could. I, like most others, was taken by surprise with the crowd on Sunday. I think that was evident when our customer line grew and wrapped around a couple other booths (sorry guys). Even though I tried to plan for the weekend, I ended up short on help and ran out of supplies and steam about an hour before closing (hopefully won’t happen again). With that said, I was very happy with my sales and that of fellow vendors. With luck, the future markets will follow suit.