2024 Season Pass Holders

Less than two months until Opening Weekend, and we’re wrapping up the Season Pass applications. Please join me in congratulating our 2024 Season Pass Holders:

Appalachia Wood
Art Farm
Bluff View Bakery
Brazier Moon
C & K Snowy Delights
Chei-Man Tea
Chop Jerky
Classy Chic Remade
Cluster Funk Studio
Connie Roberts Art
CW Woodworking
Designs by Baerreis
Divine Purity
Doug McCoy Arts
Evergreen and Market
Faces by Deb
Federal Bake Shop
Final Girl Vegan Food
Forget Me Not
Freaky Funnels
Fro-Daddy Donuts
Fud Vybez
Green Skull
Grumpy Ole Goat
High Road Soap
Hudson Farms
I Love Tacos
John Arnemann
Jonny Poppers
Joyful Hearts
June Imagined
Kei’s Crafty Tearalins
Kettle Corn Man
Kevin Livingood
King’s Elderberry
Lily Pond Lapidary
Lindsey Price Artwork
Llorca Creative Media
Lucky Farms
Macrame by B. Laurent
Marshall and Rose
Me and a Tree
Melon Patch
Mike’s Monster Cookies
Miller’s Lemonade
Miss Griffin’s
Mix it Up
Moccasin Bend Soap & Beard
Myers Farm Beef
Noke’s Granola
Nonni’s Empanadas
Oliver Family Business
P & D Designs
Paulina Fae
Photography by Chris
Pickett Wooden Creations
Pippy Wren
Plum Darlin
RC Farms
Reel 'Em In
Rosemary Knoll
Ryan’s Pepperworks
Sky Dog
Sleepy Hollow Herb Farm
Smoky Mountain Sweets
Sowing Seeds
Spill the Beans
Sponable Goat Milk
StoneLink Designs
Sugar Shoppe
Susan Parry
Sweet Girl Honey Farm
Tracie’s Tasty Treats
TurnRoad Jerky
Wise Leatherworks

If you don’t see your name on this list but would like to, there’s still a little time to put your hat in the ring in for a Season Pass. More information about the Season Pass, as well as a link to the application form, can be found here.

Please note, Season Passes are for previously approved vendors only. If you’re wanting to apply to become an new vendor, you can do so here.


Congrats folks.

We will be at the Market considerably more this year. Should be a fun year. We will be bringing our Tennessee’s Best Hamilton County honey and the 5th best honey in the world out of 395 champions from around the world as judged by the American Honey Council this past January. We are honored by that.

See y’all in a couple months.


Thank you. I’m excited