Chattanooga Oktoberfest® Sign Ups

Willkommen zum Chattanooga Oktoberfest®! Words cannot express how excited we are to be gearing up for one of our largest (and most fun) events of the Market season! Well . . . except maybe “Prost!”

Sign Ups for Oktoberfest are up, but won’t go live until midnight on Friday. Registration will close on Monday, September 26th. This is a full week ahead of the normal routine as Oktoberfest takes more time to plan. As with last year, no walk-ups will be allowed, so please make sure you’re signed up if you want to be a part of this event!

If you are a Season Pass booth holder, Oktoberfest has been included in your season pass fees so you do not need to use Sign Up Genius. That being said, please let us know if you intend to participate by emailing the help desk or by visiting us at the front desk on Sunday. Season Pass Holders who do not let us know they intend to participate by September 26th will lose their booth space for Oktoberfest weekend.

For those who do register for the festival:

  • Friday, Oct 7 after 2 pm will be vendor setup; you will be allowed to drive-in during this time period.
  • We have overnight CPD security on Friday and Saturday nights
  • The festival opens Saturday at 10am, and lasts until 8pm Saturday night.
  • We reopen on Sunday at 11am, and crowds will not dissipate until after 5pm.

Expect long days, big crowds and historically heavy spending. In 2021, the two-day combined vendor sales were just shy of $400,000! We’re thinking this year will be even better!

We hope you can join us – registration ends September 26th, and we will not be able to assist late arrivals. For more information, check out the festival website at

'Tis the Season for Wiesn!


Pour me a pint or 2 :beer: Guinness please


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Hey Sarah, what is the price of the Application fee?

Hi Luke,

The application fee for new vendors is $50.


Will the event be opened up for new vendors to apply?

Hi Jerret,

Unfortunately, only market approved vendors will be permitted to sign up and participate.