Chattanooga Opening Weekend Space Added

With the vaccine rolling out, and some COVID restrictions being lessened by our county, state and federal governments, we were able to add 29 spots (plus 2 food trucks) to the Opening Weekend layout. It’s still significantly reduced from our normal format, but will be the largest market in over a year.

Registration is now live, until capacity is reached.

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Is the set up for the opening weekend still on Friday, April 23? What are the times we can arrive for booth set up and booth assignment? Also, what time do we need to arrive on Saturday and Sunday that weekend? Thanks!

We will have all of that posted mid next week!


When is the next new vendor orientation?

We are still in the process of planning that, but will have some info out by end of next week.

Hi Chris, I will be at the orientation this evening at 6:30. I sent a message to you and Melissa regarding power needs. I imagine I should be in touch with Tucker regarding this request? Please let me know how you would like me to proceed. Thank you for everything! Looking forward to our first market experience!

Eve Williams, Mojo Burrito

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