Opening Weekend Run Down

Opening Weekend 2021 is almost upon us! If you can believe it has been nearly two years since we have had a proper opening weekend and while this opening weekend won’t be a normal weekend it is a step in the right direction towards getting back to normal!

We still do have a couple of spaces still open for opening weekend if you have not already signed up.

The Basic’s About Opening Weekend:

  • Hours: Saturday 10 am to 5pm and Sunday 11am to 5pm
  • Load-in Occurs on Friday from 2 to 8pm. We have a very small window on Saturday Morning for load in which is 7am to 8am. This is a hard deadline and you will not be able to set-up at 8 am on Saturday.
  • Mask are required by Vendors. Hamilton County is still under a mask mandate.
  • You will be pre-placed in your booth. When you arrive for set-up you will come to the Front Desk to Check-in and get your Booth Location.
  • You will need a parking pass and you can receive that at the Front Desk.
  • We will not have change. We are not a bank and you are responsible for all of your change.

New Vendor Orientation:

  • If you were approved as a new vendor last year or this year you have to attend our new vendor meeting on Friday Night at 6:30pm.
  • It will take place a the front desk and is mandatory for all new vendors attending Opening Weekend.
  • This is were you will get all the Do’s and Don’ts of the Market along with important logistical information that will help make the market run smooth.

I’m a new vendor. So the mandatory meeting will be held April 23rd at 6:30 pm, and I also can set up my booth the same evening?

Hi Tucker,
I will be at work during new vendor orientation, do I have any other options?
I’d really appreciate it. Thank you for your help.

Hi Tucker,

Same as LunaLime I will be baking any other option if we cannot make the mandatory meeting? Thank you.

If we cannot attend this meeting is there going to be more choices? Before other markets in the morning or night before?

Yes, that is correct.

Will we be expanding back to the outdoors this year!?

We are waiting to hear from the city on this, but I would plan on everything being inside until at least June.

Yes, we will have one at 8:30 on Saturday as well.

If everything is still inside, will I need my tent? or can I just bring my tables and inventory for my space?

I plan to still use my canopy. You may be on an outside wall and may want the sides to protect from blowing rain. It also good to be able to “close up” your booth at night.


Thank you! You’re right!

Can we give out samples this year? I apologize if it’s already gone over.

That is up to you, but you will need to have weights for your tent.

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Yes, if they are in pre-packed containers.

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Hi, Tucker. This is Eve with Mojo Burrito. I will be there as a tent vendor selling bulk chili and dips.
I will need power for a refrigerator and a hot box. Will this be available for us? Very excited about joining and will be there around 5 to set up and attend the 6:30 orientation.