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A vendor suggested last year that we hire a helper who’d be paid by us. They could help set-up to break-down and everything in between, They would watch your booth for a bathroom break or go get you food (yes please!). Are there enough vendors who would get together on this, not an employee of the market, just paid by us, vendors who need help? If you’re interested, please note here. Obviously the helper would need to be paid enough for full day’s work.


I would be willing to chip in on that, depending on the cost. I am usually running my food truck alone and have to run to the bathroom and back in the middle of the day and hope i dont miss anybody

Are you on the Public Market Vendors page on Facebook? There’s a group discussing there as well.

I just sent you a friend request. I can then invite you to join the Vendors page.

Oddly enough, I was just at a different market where the booth next to me was being run by hired helpers. These guys, Preston and Colin, weren’t just “sitting in” they were engaging, drawing people in, and selling product! I was impressed. They are still getting their business off the ground but have done markets in Nashville and Atlanta with great success. All this to say… they might be worth contacting if you’re seriously looking for some booth help! His name is Preston Haley 615-454-7833

Thank you for this info

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I would like that too–especially when Art has surgery in August.

Are you a member of the Vendor’s Facebook page? If not, send me a friend request. When we’re friends, I can send you an invite to the page.

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I could also use a helper in my booth. Please guide me how to go about it? @Sfarrow56

Stop by my booth any time on Sunday. I’ll have an info sheet

Stop by my booth any time on Sunday - paint-your-own cookies. I’ll have an info sheet

Stop by my booth any time on Sunday - paint-your-own cookies. I’ll have an info sheet.

I’m the paint-your-own cookies lady

I’m sending you a FB invite. Can you add me to the market vendors FB group?

I didn’t get your friend request so just sent you one. I can invite you to the page as soon as we connect. Stop by my booth on Sunday for a flyer about the market booth helper. I’m the paint-your-own cookies lady.

I should be on it. Also, I’m on Facebook

I would be very interested in applying for this position, this is right up my alley & hope that everyone is still looking for help. Please let me know if this opportunity is still available. Thank you, I look forward to hearing back from you.