So this NEVER happens…but one of our sponsors has turned back in their spaces for the last two weekends only of Holiday Market. So… if you missed the cutoff, we have 4 spaces available. The first four vendors in good standing to respond to the help desk will have first dibs. Here are the important details:

  • $400 per booth includes Dec. 11/12, Dec. 18/19 (add $50 for electric)
  • You will have 24hrs. to pay your invoice online upon receipt
  • Set up for you will be 7am on Saturday, Dec. 11th (We’ve had to add staff to be able to do this)
  • NO vehicles inside for load in—the Market will already be fully set up and operational as of Dec. 4th
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Dear Brandy, This is Bo Peep and I would like to book those two weekends but cannot figure out where to check out.

DB Reisen

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Dear Melissa, This is Bo Peep and I would like to book those two weekends and I will set up and also do a painting demonstration. Thank you, I had notified Brandy that I was interested in any openings.

DB Reisen

I also am interested but am not sure where the “help desk” is to apply at.

I had called about being on the waiting list ,Dragonfly Farms , Michael McGuire. I have looked everywhere on this page/ forum and can’t locate the help desk. I would love one of the spots , no electric necessary. Anywhere you try to apply or sign up it says registration closed. Please contact me 423-605-2315

I’m interested in 18th and 19th, but can’t find the help desk

You’ll hear from either Melissa or Brandy today. For future reference… it’s

I’ve got you on the list to call/email today. For future reference… it’s

We’ll reach out today - for future reference, it’s

We did get your help desk email.

You have to take all four days. If you’re still interested contact

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We have a family commitment weekend of 11/12 but we would love to get the 18/19 slot if that is possible.

I had been put on a wait list, but then heard there was actually not a waitlist. Saw this post by chance. Can’t do 2 weekends but would love the Dec 11+12 weekend. If it is possible
to do just one weekend. Would love to split with someone if possible.

Hi Melissa,

I am wanting to apply for your holiday markets. We offer fresh gulf seafood and gourmet items where all vegetables, fruits, breads etc are outsourced using only local Tennessee farmers. Thanks so much for your consideration.

Tara Foster

Will there be a map in advance so we know where to set up?

Yes, there will be! Thx

This forum is for approved vendors…we’ve sent you an email Tara!

Sorry, we can only acommodate you for the combined weekends.

It’s a two weekend commitment, sorry!

I’d like to vend please