Contact Us: Market Help Desk and Event Operations

We are TESTING a new communications & phone strategy at the Markets – so far, they seem to be working out fairly good but it’s time to widen the test base just a bit to see how it holds up.

Our main “marketing/billboard” number: 423.648.2496

  • This has been in use for 15+ years, and is what appears on all of our marketing materials.
    It’s an old-fashioned phone # that does not do anything fancy, and we typically only hear messages left during normal weekday office hours.

NEW! Vendor Market Manager Hotline: 423.565.9115

  • This number is only active during weekend market operations, and will reach the market manager in charge. It also supports text mesages!
  • If you are running late, not going to make it or need to reach the market manager during an event – this is the number to use.
  • It might seem obvious, but be sure to let us know who you are if you text! We do not have everyone’s cell phone numbers in the system, and a text from a random number is not going to work.
  • do not use this number for anything other than urgent same-day event-related items.

Coming Soon - Vendor Help Desk Hotline

  • also use:
  • *This is for normal vendor requests, and items are handled during normal market weekday office hours.

Finally, if you have been texting a staff members personal cell # – please stop and use these numbers instead. Everyone is getting new cell #s, with a separate work #, so those are more appropriate moving forward.