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I am having trouble registering for the Holiday Market. Is there a trick to it or is it already booked?
Please respond asap so that we don’t miss out. Thank you!


Holiday Market registration opens in July each year

Is there any word on when vendor applications will reopen? I’m ready to join, but hitting a wall since I’m not an approved vendor.

No idea - it depends a bit on the COVID status

Any idea on when vendor applications will reopen? We would love to join the Market!

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Is there a way to be put on a waiting list for the Holiday Market in the event something opens up? This was our first year doing the Chattanooga Market and we didn’t get signed up for the Holiday Market in time. Thank you!

There is no waiting list. Any announcement for additional openings will be posted to the Forum on a first-come/served basis.

Holiday Market 2022 will open for general registration July 1, 2022 - Christmas in July.

Thank you for your reply. I will keep my eyes open if something comes available. Would love to sell our caramels there!

This is Susan Parry, a part time vendor at the Market. I’m trying to find a vendor I saw at the Holiday Market that was selling baby clothing (onesies ?)with words screen printed on them. I have a friend who’s due next month and I would like to have something special printed.

If this is not the right place to make this post, please tell me where I should make the request.

Thank you,