HCHD COVID Informational Update

In case you missed the news, Hamilton County Health Department has issued an advisory warning on recent surge of COVID cases. There is no State mandate at this time, and thus the Market itself is not imposing any required actions, but this information is being passed along to help our community be aware and make informed choices on your own.

It is the Market culture for everyone to show respect and tolerance towards individual choices - thanks for your part in keeping the Market the happiest place in town.


The Hamilton County Health Department says our area has once again hit the “high” transmission level for COVID cases. We have averaged 135 news cases a day over the last week.

The CDC recommends that communities in the high category wear masks indoors and in public places, regardless of vaccinations.

They say:

— it is extremely important that if you experience or exhibit any symptoms to be tested quickly.

— Masking continues to be an important tool in slowing the spread of COVID. Masks help slow the spread of illness by reducing the number of virus droplets that may come from someone by sneezing, coughing, singing, talking, or breathing.

— It is especially important to wear masks because ill individuals may not show symptoms (asymptomatic). Masks also help by reducing the inhalation or breathing in of these droplets by the person wearing the mask; therefore, the overall benefit of wearing masks comes from the combination of reducing the droplets that are spread and protection from breathing them in.

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