COVID Precautions Will be Enforced for Holiday Markets

Congrats on wrapping up our 2020 outdoor season!! Now… we are ALL focused on what will be our biggest opportunity of the year—the holiday season. We have two locations, The Commons in Collegedale and the Chattanooga Convention Center. Both indoors.

We’re proud of the way our staff, vendors and the community have complied with the mask mandate. Being indoors though for the holidays, we will be ramping up our safety measures. We will require 100% compliance from our staff and vendors for all holiday markets. It is of utmost importance that we keep everyone safe and healthy and free from worry—let’s remove as much risk as possible.

Again, 100% mask compliance will be required. To get even more specific, the only masks that will be acceptable are ones recommended by the CDC. Do not remove your at any time other than to eat/drink, be mindful that your mask is always covering your mouth AND nose. Our staff will be monitoring compliance, please don’t give them extra work. Let’s work together to make this event safe and successful.

NOT acceptable are plastic face shields, or masks with ventilation holes. If you need a mask, we will provide one.

We hope you have a safe and HEALTHY Thanksgiving! If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out.


And please wash hands, surface and use hand sanitizer often. Stay healthy and safe this giving season. Hopefully not so giving of a virus. God bless.


Thanks for the information. A question for you though! 100% compliance of staff & Vendors? Because it’s indoors, Will there be 100% compliance for customers to wear masks inside the Convention Center? We are really concerned about the recent up tick in infections in Hamilton Co? I’m concerned that the CDC is even warning NOT to gather for Thanksgiving, even within your family if they DoNot live with you? Many folks not from here come to this market every year, this could turn into a super spreader if we are not cognitive about the possibility? Just need some reassurance that I’m not compromising mine or Wendy’s health for the sake of money? Will there be refunds if we decide we just can’t take the chance? Thank you, C. Meck, Simply Southern Bakery​:mask::cake:

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Hi Candy,
Thank you for your response! Yes, we are also requiring all customers to wear masks and will have that posted at the entrances. Anyone coming up without a mask will be given one for free. Wearing a mask and social distancing is the most important way to keep the virus from spreading, and that is all something we can accomplish at the Holiday Market in that huge space! I am trying to reassure you as you requested, but participation is a personal decision—one that I cannot make for you. I’m sorry, but there are no refunds for the Holiday Market. Best wishes for your Thanksgiving!

Are there any requirements for our booths as well? I am not sure to set up a tent or not and making sure we don’t need anything more…like is there a space between booths now or do we need to put up a side wall on a tent? I don’t have side walls so making sure before I invest if we need. Thanks for any help with this :slight_smile:

Vendors will be required to wear mask at all times during set-up, market hours and breakdown. You are not required to have walls or sides between vendors, but there will not be a space between vendors. It will be a standard Holiday Market set-up.