Help Me, Help You

This is a public service announcement—especially if you are a new vendor this year.

We have a few festivals/themed events on the horizon. If you were not with us the years of 2008-2019, just know that 2021 has been very different. We normally have themes EVERY SINGLE SUNDAY. So consider this year baby steps on figuring out how to make the most of our themes. If you’re a seasoned vendor, help show our newbies how we come together on our themed events!

9/26 APPLE FESTIVAL - The idea (and what we will be advertising) is to come to Apple Festival and find “all things apple-y”. We need YOU to make this happen for our patrons…If you make sweets, consider an apple pie, if you are a food truck throw some apples on a salad, if you’re an artist, how about painting an apple orchard…you get the idea :bulb: Email me pictures with a description of your special themed items and I’ll put you on our social media calendar! :star_struck: I will need them by Monday, 9/20,

10/9-10/10 Chattanooga Oktoberfest - :pretzel: Same idea! Dress up for Oktoberfest - DUH! If you want to be highlighted on social media, tv, etc. you need to email me your pictures/description/ideas.

Holiday Market - :christmas_tree: Yes, we are planning this now :crazy_face: Every year we gift our sponsors a basket full of Market goodies. It’s the most beloved gift according to the recipients - and it’s a great advertising tool for you! Lannie Hart of Daylilies has been creating these baskets for our sponsors for 10+ years. To be included in the Market gift basket is an honor, it is a vetted process. Soooooo, just know that if she asks you to participate (or you could upsell her) this is not a money grab—it’s about thanking our sponsors who truthfully keep our Markets in operation. While we can pay you a modest amount for your product, just write this off to some good will and great advertising!!

Questions about how you can get more involved?