Apple-y Ever After - An Apple Festival Story

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Once upon a time, in the familiar city of Chattanooga, there was a thriving farmers market. Located near the heart of the city, the beloved market was known as the Chattanooga Market. Every September, just as the first hint of cooler weather emerged, market managers put together an Apple Festival, in celebration of the abundant apple harvest and the coming of fall. Vendors from far and wide would bring their hand made, apple-themed wares, such as apple cider, apple pies, apple scented candles, apple-shaped jewelry, applewood cutting boards, and sundry other apple-y goods, for the adoring public to purchase.

As happens when purveyors of goods are in close proximity, a friendly competition arose between the vendors to determine whose goods were the fairest of them all. Each vendor believing his or her wares to be superior, it fell to the market managers to make the final determination. And so, as legend has it, three categories were devised to ensure that apples were rightly being compared to apples (as opposed to, say oranges):

Apple of My Eye - presented to the Most Creative Apple-Inspired Art or Craft
Bite at the Apple - presented to the Best Apple-Themed Food Product
How 'Bout Them Apples? - presented to the Most Festive Booth

The Champions of each category were awarded a bounty of cash and a certificate memorializing for eternity their hard-won victory.

And so, the tradition continues next Sunday, September 17th. Any vendor wishing to test his mettle should enter the fray via this link. And should a vendor desire additional social media attention, an email with photos sent to the help desk ( would be most welcome.

Will our vendors and market managers live apple-y ever after? We hope you’ll be at the festival to find out! Until then, dearest reader, keep calm and apple on!