Holiday Market directions and load-in times

Hey everyone!

Attached below is a map to help guide you to the proper location to unload your product for the Holiday Market. The yellow arrows indicate the route from the Market directly to the Convention Center. They are only about a mile apart so it shouldn’t be very difficult to find. There are two automatic gates. The North gate will be the one you enter in thru and the South is the exit. There is a keypad at the North gate where you can talk to the security guards to request access, just tell them you are a vendor and they will open the gate for you. YOU MAY NOT PARK THERE PERMANENTLY. If you do you run the risk of being towed. There is parking surrounding the Convention Center. You may stayed parked there for the duration of your unload but do not try to park there while the Market is running.

Load in times are from 1pm to 9pm.

Reminder: We will all have to leave on Sunday night (12/8) so keep that in mind.

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