Holiday Market Reminders

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This week starts what I think is the most wonderful time of the year… The Holiday Market!

I worked the Collegedale Christmas Market today and got several questions about load-in for the Holiday Market so I wanted to make clear some details around how load-in will work. I have also inculded some do’s and don’ts for load-in that will help make load-in as smooth as possible.

If you have not already read over our first post regarding the Holiday Market you can read it here

You will need to sign up for an hour slot for your arrival at the Holiday Market which can be done here. You will not be allowed to set-up outside of your selected time. If you need to load in on Saturday we will have doors open by 8 am and you will need to load in from the back of the convention center. Remember that we open at 10 am so you will have two hours to set-up. If you do not think you can set-up in two hours then consider signing for a Friday load-in slot.

Load in for the Holiday Market can be hectic as we are trying to move over 160 vendors in through two loading docks so below are some Do’s and Don’ts to make load-in a merry time for all of us this Friday!


  • Do not show up outside of your assigned load-in time. You will not be allowed to set-up at that time if you show up.
  • Do not leave you car in the back parking lot of the convention center after you are done unloading.
  • Do not load in from the front or side of the convention center. You can only load in from the back though the loading bays.
  • Do not plan to drive into the convention center. Depending on the weather and time slot you chose this may not be an option.
  • Do not be disrespectful towards your fellow vendors.


  • Do wear a mask while setting up, during market hours and break down. I am not going to be the mask police. Failure to comply will result in being asked to leave the market with no refund. You can see our Holiday Market Covid post here.
  • Do unload as fast as possible. This keeps parking and the ramp open and limits the wait for your fellow vendors.
  • Do move your car to the parking garage or street parking after you unload your car
  • Do leave room on the loading docks for cars behind you to get out.
  • Do check-in with Tucker or Brandy before setting up. As some booth assignments may have changed from the map posted.
  • Do plan to bring your own cart as the convention only has a limited number.
  • Do pack your patience and be kind to your fellow vendors.

Is there time restrictions on set up after the unloading?
After parking unloaded car, should we walk in for set up through the same back ramp or through the front entrance?

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Thank you so much for all the help and hard work with this. We appreciate all the assistance.

I have to set up Saturday morning, and I don’t see a way to register for that time.

No, there is not. You can enter through the front after you park your car.

You don’t have to register for the Saturday morning time.


The early load-in sessions (1pm and 2pm) are all taken – but many of you have not registered. It’s important that you select an available slot, as space is limited and we will not allow people to just “show up” during a fully-booked time period.

I can’t seem to find the registration portal. I clicked the link and it took me to a page that didn’t have a registration site. Please help me to navigate where to go

Well, it’s on this same website – click RSVP above and it takes you to all of the signup options. The only thing available would be the load-in slots, of which the direct link is here: