Holiday Market Report - December 2023

Ho Ho Ho! With tomorrow’s final Erlanger Market, we will conclude our 2023 Season at new records. Holiday Market was much stronger than I anticipated, with solid momentum and traffic throughout all three weekends. Even the final weekend, which many often claim to be soft, reported over $300k this year.

Overall, December posted $954k in sales - we’ve never seen such a supportive Holiday series. Nicely done! And for the season as a whole, sales surpassed the impossible - slightly over $7 million in vendor sales for the year!

We’re grateful for the support of our regional customers, and for the quality participants which make the market such an attractive place to visit. It’s been a busy year, with lots of hard work put in by all – rest, and enjoy the off-season. Recovery takes time, and we all know that Spring will be here in a flash.

The Market staff enjoys light office hours during the winter, and we will be out of the office until early January. Many of us take vacations from now until Spring, so be sure to send requests to the Help Desk – there is a good chance that someone will be monitoring it, but probably not the person you expected.

Our warmest wishes to you for a wonderful holiday season - peace to your family, and happiest of new years!

Vendor: Segment ↑ Vendor: Vendor Category ↑ Venue ↑ Sum of Gross Sales Average Gross Sales
Concessions Food & Beverage Erlanger Medical Mall $40.00 $40.00
Convention Center $11,937.80 $994.82
Food & Agriculture Farm - Fresh Produce Convention Center $5,556.01 $463.00
Farm - Garden & Nursery Convention Center $8,526.00 $710.50
Farm - Herbal Products Convention Center $11,027.00 $1,837.83
Farm - Protein Convention Center $3,500.00 $583.33
Food Products Erlanger Medical Mall $2,425.94 $346.56
Convention Center $290,614.33 $1,263.54
Home Goods Artwork Erlanger Medical Mall $370.00 $370.00
Convention Center $47,462.92 $659.21
Candles Convention Center $43,750.55 $841.36
Fiber Arts Convention Center $50,122.35 $1,044.22
Glass Convention Center $20,080.67 $836.69
Metal Erlanger Medical Mall $276.51 $276.51
Convention Center $45,235.65 $1,077.04
Mixed Media Erlanger Medical Mall $566.00 $188.67
Convention Center $24,515.49 $521.61
Photography Convention Center $16,257.50 $541.92
Pottery Convention Center $15,461.00 $618.44
Recycled Art Convention Center $11,723.00 $732.69
Wood Convention Center $56,927.05 $918.18
Personal Goods Beadwork Convention Center $2,262.00 $377.00
Body Care Products Erlanger Medical Mall $906.00 $453.00
Convention Center $58,218.98 $1,078.13
Books Convention Center $3,436.00 $286.33
Clothing Convention Center $50,988.85 $670.91
Jewelry Erlanger Medical Mall $385.00 $192.50
Convention Center $125,843.78 $719.11
Leather Convention Center $18,843.55 $1,046.86
Paper Products Convention Center $6,511.59 $542.63
Pet Products Convention Center $20,426.00 $851.08
Total $954,197.52 $875.41

Merry Christmas to your entire staff Chris!

We love you guys!

It was a record year for us as well, we expect 24 to continue that with the Chattanooga market a big part of that.

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Merry Christmas to the staff and vendors of Chattanooga market


Thank you for the info. Hope you and your staff have a Safe and Happy holiday season.

Quick question: is the Avg. Gross Sales per event day?

Yes - daily envelope avg