II. B. Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I Store My Items At The Market?

Unfortunately we simply do not have room to store everyone’s items on site at any of our markets. You are responsible for the storage and transportation of everything required for your display.

  1. Do you allow Direct Sales Consultants?

As a producer-only market we do not allow these types of businesses to participate.

  1. Do you have concessions space available?

We are not permitting concessions beyond food truck vendors at any of our markets currently.

  1. What permits do I need to sell food items?

It depends on the items you intend to sell. Premade, prepackaged foods fall under the guidance of the Tennessee Department of Agriculture. Foods that are prepared and/or served on site fall under the guidance of the Tennessee Department of Health. We can offer some advice based on what we’ve learned over the years, but for any questions that arise, these departments have the final say.

If your prepackaged foods are made at a private residence in the state of Tennessee and are “shelf stable” as defined by the Tennessee Department of Agriculture, then you may be eligible to sell your items under the Food Freedom Act. More information about this relatively new provision may be found here. Any other prepackaged food will require a Department of Agriculture Permit.

All foods that are prepared and/or served on site will require a permit from the Tennessee Department of Health. Preparing and serving require very little. Something as simple as pouring a drink over ice, or even removing and heating a prepackaged item, would be considered serving and would require a health permit.

The Market retains the right to deny participation to anyone, regardless of whether they have the appropriate permits.

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