IV. E. 1. Food Trucks & Concessions: Permits, Insurance, & Safety

While one of the most popular vendor categories during our large markets and events, food trucks and mobile units require a significant investment and are not a casual endeavor.

We require three major items for all onsite concessionaires, food trucks, and mobile food units:

  • In accordance with state law, only mobile food units which have been inspected and permitted will be allowed to set up and operate during our events. Current food inspection results must be on display at all times.
  • We require a minimum of $1 million liability insurance policy, with Public Markets, Inc. as a named insured.
  • Your mobile unit must appear safe, be of good quality and in good condition; all electrical, water and sanitation services must be in good condition, and food preparation areas clean and in favorable condition.

We work closely with the local food and health inspectors to verify that our customers are receiving the safest and highest quality products available.