III. A. 1. Getting Started - How to Apply

We accept New Vendor Applications from February 1 through November 1 of each season; review and acceptance throughout the season is continuous, so there is no good/bad time to start.

Our standards are consistent across all of our markets & events, so your approval is more or less universal — once accepted, you can participate in any market provided space is available. However, some venues have product restrictions; food trucks are not allowed at several locations, as an example. For further information regarding availability in specific markets read through the remainder of the Vendor’s Handbook.

Steps involved to becoming a market vendor:

  • REVIEW our general vendor standards and your product category-specific standards listed in the Vendor Handbook on this website. Some products require government licensing, permitting and inspections; we can not accept you until you have those details in order. We’ll be happy to point you in the right direction and try to connect you with the information and people you need to operate legally, but ultimately it’s your responsibility to know the laws, regulations and requirements for your business activity.

  • ATTEND the market several times as a customer, observe the way other experienced vendors are setup and decide if market participation is a good thing for you. It’s a long day, often warm and loud, requires significant inventory and preparation, and most definitely qualifies as hard work — make sure you are mentally and physically prepared for the challenges ahead. It can also be a lot of fun!

  • TALK with a member of our staff before you apply if you have questions, or are uncertain if your product/activity will be a good fit for our markets or if the market is saturated with similar products. We offer email, text, and phone support, or you can come talk to us at a market – we’re happy to answer questions before you apply, but will not be able to refund application fees if you fail to understand our requirements for participation.

  • APPLY to become a market vendor using our online application process. Applications are open from February 1 until November 1 of each season; the online links are disabled during the off-season.

  • RESPOND to requests for documentation, product and workspace photos and other information which may be necessary to complete your process. Our new Help Desk software will provide a tracking number and instant online access to your application; numerous applicants each year fail to respond to a simple request for photos after submitting their application and paying extra for rush processing. Don’t be that person!

  • REGISTER for a new vendor orientation, which are offered once each month at each market location. Learn how to load-in at each market, where to park, who your neighbors are and the names of the market staff in charge of each event. The more you interact with others around you, the more likely you are to enjoy the experience.

  • RSVP for your first market!

After Acceptance
Newer vendors will be anonymously inspected by members of our review panel during the course of live market events; it is expected that the vendor will have a booth presentation, product selection and overall quality level that was conveyed through photos and description when their application was selected.



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