New Vendor Applications 2022

New Vendor Applications are now online - click the Apply button at the top of this forum, or visit this link:

Returning vendors do not need to reapply, provided you have been an active vendor with us. If you were a vendor ten years ago and just now returning to Chattanooga after an extended absence, then yeah - that’s a different story and we probably need to do the whole process again.


I applied as a new vendor (J Bond Custom Builds) and received an email asking for photos, which I responded to. However, I was never directed to a screen to pay my application fee. I applied from my mobile phone, and am assuming the page closed out mid-application, and now when I try go back in, it wants me to start over with a blank application. I know the applications aren’t considered until the payment is in, but I dont want to submit two applications for the same vendor space. Could someone direct me as to how I can get this fee to you all? Thanks!

email the help desk (just respond to that email sent to you asking for photos) – they can issue you an online invoice to pay. odd, but sometimes the mobile phones mess with what is otherwise a simple process

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Are we required to complete a new application for the new year, or will we already be included and can register for the markets?

I have been trying to register for the markets but have been unsuccessful. Are the events open to register?

Thank you. Hope to hear back soon!

Hi, Can you help me? I can’t sign up for anything. I was trying to sign up for the Erlanger Market and it won’t allow me? I don’t see any other markets to sign up for?

Mike, please see your email for a response on the Erlanger Market. No other Market sign ups are posted at this time. Thank you.

Happy 2022! Stopping by to see when market event registration starts for returning vendors. Any dates for open reg for vendors? Thanks!

Mike, you are good to go. Unless you change your offerings, you do not reapply each year.

How do I apply for a season pass?

Wait for it - not published yet.

Hi all, I have a few questions I’m hoping someone can help me with. To sell ceramics do I need a special food safety authorization or license that I need to get before I apply and do I need to have the products I’m hoping to sell made before I apply? Thanks!

Ceramics/pottery do not require any food safety authorization

How do I find out where the orientation classes are and when? I’m a total NEwBIE and have NO clue what to do😂

They will be listed on the RSVP tab, when available, with each market

I have register and paid the application fee but have not heard anything back from anyone. Do we just sign up for the classes ?

It’s a 6+ week process; contact the help desk if you have been waiting for several weeks and have not heard anything

Hey, any idea when the applications will open up again? I’m very excited to join :grin: