New Vendor Applications Available

Although we are approaching the end of season, we are reopening New Vendor Applications briefly to allow several high-quality prospects time to apply. We recommend that everyone select “Normal Processing” – it’s rarely to any advantage to select a faster tier, as the bottlenecks are typically with the applicant response times (insurance, health permits, etc. all take time to complete).

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Hey there, Chris! So I was a regular vendor at the market in 2018-2019, I simply haven’t returned since the start of the pandemic. I’m now keen to come back, but I just made new login credentials. I’m wondering if there is a way to bypass doing the orientation again? Currently it won’t allow me to RSVP to any markets because it doesn’t recognize me as an approved vendor.
If my business name is still on the approved vendor list it would be listed as:
‘HigherWire | Wearable Art’ and my name is Justin Priest.

Hi Justin, start here:

The Help Desk team will walk you through the next steps.

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Hello! Where is the actual application for new vendors? I have looked and cannot seem to find it.

The link is cited in the original post above

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Thanks so much, I did find it finally!

How does a new vendor know if they’ve been accepted or not?

You will receive emails along the way; check your spam folder to make sure you are not missing a message

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Thank you, I’ll let her know