III. A. 3. Priority Point System

We operate our markets using a priority point system designed to rank vendors by their attendance and successful sales volume. It is similar to a Frequent Flier Program, but with immediate seating perks. This transparent approach protects the long-term interests of our most senior members, but also allows for new entrants to earn their way into better booth placement & market rights.

Earning Priority Points

There are two ways to earn priority points:

  • One point is awarded for each event day successfully attended/reported
  • One point for every $250 in sales commissions paid

Points are only awarded at the end of each Market day in which the vendor checked-in, vended and submitted a completed sales report. If you attend, but fail to drop a sales envelope that day, you do not receive points for that market day. Failure to pay will also result in a fee of up to $250 and suspension from the market until it is paid.

Priority Point Status

Vendor point ranks are used to prioritize booth placements for all markets. They are also utilized at our many special events, including Head of the Hooch and the Holiday Markets. You are also eligible for some additional benefits, such as season passes, with more priority points.

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Do we earn 1 point for multi day events or a point for each day?

Each market day is recorded separately; one point is earned for each daily envelope dropped. Failure to drop = no points earned.

Thank you Chris

Extra needed characters :smiley:

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