Important 2022 Dates

Patience - April registration has not yet been posted; it will be listed within RSVP soon

I saw where set up for Opening Day will be on Friday, April 22. Do you want us to arrive around 2:00 like we did for Octoberfest?

I’m really looking forward to this season.

Thank you,

yes, perfect - see you soon

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I didn’t see this post. We need to bring our setup Friday? I am doing orientation at 5 on the 22nd for my food truck. Should i bring it then? Thank you!!

I am only doing Sunday and have another event on Saturday.

You do not need to bring your food truck for orientation. You will basically be placed wherever we can place you Sunday morning

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Great-thank you-see you soon

How can I sign up for the April 30th event?

Chat with me today so that I can verify what event you are interested in; we have multiple

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I am interested in becoming a vendor at the holiday market. I am excited to hopefully get a stand. How old do you have to be?