Upcoming Dates, Deadlines and Parking Passes

Good afternoon!

River Market Opening Weekend is just around the corner, and it appears there are about a half-dozen spots remaining (for both the opener and the remainder of the month). It looks to be a super lineup of vendors this season, and we’re excited to have the outdoor season relaunching in just a few weeks.

To register, click here.

Chattanooga Market Opening Weekend enrollment will begin on March 1, 2023 using the vendor portal; it’s going to sell-out, and the quality of vendors we are seeing (both returning and new applications) is pretty exceptional this year. As is our historical practice, May events/markets will open for general registration on April 1.

If you are a Season Pass holder, you do not need to register for any market for which you have already paid for a Season Pass.

Edit: I forgot to mention in the original post that the Season Pass acceptance will change as these markets begin open enrollment; clearly, we can not offer a guaranteed booth for events which are sold-out, etc.

Finally, I’m happy to share that Chattanooga Market Season Pass holders will be issued a seasonal parking pass valid during the markets at the First Horizon Pavilion; this pass will also be required for drive-in access in the mornings/afternoons – and only one pass will be issued per vendor. They are durable, high-quality passes, with a unique identifier per pass (for vendor identification). Second or replacement drive-in passes will not offered.

Daily parking passes will continued to be offered to all other vendors at the front desk, but without drive-in rights. All parking passes are only valid for the Pavilion Lots during market setup/events.


Chris Thank you a million thanks for Season Parking Pass. Good luck Opening River Market. May it be fruitful, dry and sunny…no wind

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…there is always a bit of wind and water near rivers!

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