Food Truck Festival

Hello food Truck Friends
So here is the deal. I’ll give 1/2 pound of any Lucky Cajun Variety to any food truck vendor that wants to highlight our seasoning on a dish for the Food truck festival. We will also promote your food truck at our table. We don’t want everyone doing Lucky Cajun fries so be creative and come up with something cool. If you need a sample to experiment with let me know. Our blends are all purpose and can literally go on anything! I am easy to talk to so don’t be shy! Lucky Cajun will be at every market in may so come see us and chat. :grinning: You can respond here, text me 423-617-3131 or email I hope everyone has a great year and happy cookin’!


Your current manufacturing falls under a domestic permit, which is fine at the market for direct-to-consumer sales. Effectively, the State is comfortable with you selling items into a private residence, as the customer is made aware of the not-inspected nature of your product based the product labeling.

Unfortunately, the same does not hold true for restaurant use - a permit from the Tennessee Department of Agriculture is required to sell product into groceries, restaurants, mail order, etc. And while your offer to promote with the Food Truck festival would otherwise be a terrific idea, it is not permitted by the State of Tennessee without the Agriculture Permit.

I think it would be worth your effort to seek out the TNDA permit, as you indeed have a good product which I personally enjoy. Without the permit, the food truck promotion is not allowed by law. Bummer, but navigating the complex set of food rules is part of the journey.

If you have upgraded to that permit since last year, please contact Sarah at the help desk to provide her with those documents.

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