Market and Stadium Update

This marks our last week as managers of the Stadium. I’ve spent the last 5 years, 2 months and 22 days in a split-role as Executive Director of both the Market and the Stadium, and I am officially tired of the juggle. My team is second to none, but we’re all weary from the journey and look forward to returning to focus exclusively on the Market once again.

We are leaving behind a solid team of great Stadium staff who we truly enjoyed working with. It is our hope that we will maintain solid friendships while watching them succeed with their future Stadium events.

Some people asked me this last weekend if i’m leaving the Market, too. Simple answer: nope. The Stadium and the Market are completely separate legal entities, both 501c3s, and each with separate board of directors, operating budgets, staff and event schedules. By stepping down from the Stadium, we are simply getting back to the happy place we were five years ago.

And on that note, the Market is in great shape and continues to post tremendous results. We have yet to see a Chattanooga Market event this season with less than six-digits of vendor sales, and although this last weekend has yet to be counted – we just cleared the $2m mark for the combined all-markets season! Congrats to everyone who has worked hard to make this an amazing Spring/Summer stretch.

I do believe that we are on the edge of a mild recession, and that high gas prices, wars, and other matters (including the intense heat!) are starting to impact consumer spending patterns. I do expect that we will see some pullback in the weeks ahead. We’ve certainly gotten through worse times, so I’m sure we will navigate the waters ahead.

Holiday Market 2022 will be announced next week – we have the agreements in place, and will shift focus to launching our largest markets of the year after the Stadium handoff is complete.

Have a great week!


Chris best wishes on your endeavors moving forward l!