Market Report 6/16

Editors Note: we are still working on our routines for generating all of the weekly sales summaries and wrapups for the various markets, across the multiple locations, which is more tedious that it might seem. Some market reports are going to be delayed until we get our systems in order!

Father’s Day at the Chattanooga Market was a solid one, with us just breaking the “buck” and average sales running about $550 for the day. Food & Agriculture have led the pack, with early tomatoes from Tennessee Tech being incredibly popular - as have been fresh local peaches. I don’t know what Aaron and Michelle are putting into their hot sauce, but Hoff & Pepper has been burning up the charts consistently since their product launched with us a couple years ago. Congrats to the power duo for creating for their legendary heat.

The July 3rd Freedom Celebration in Collegedale is at the top of my list these days – entertainment is booked, we’re running acts on three stages, and 20,000 of my closest friends are planning to attend. I’m going to be heads-down working on the final details between now and then, but I hope to see many of you there.