Weekend Report 5/5

With our second full weekend in the books, we certainly enjoyed solid crowds with healthy spending over the Cinco de Mayo weekend. I loved the mariachi band - quite talented, and appreciate their journey from Dalton to join us. The only thing which has disappointed me is that it has been so crowded, I have not been able to get my personal shopping in – it’s a personal goal for this upcoming weekend.

Farms did great this weekend, with strawberries being the star of the day. But several other vendors made it clear that they are enjoying record days as well, including artists who are not seeing a slowdown in their business. A shout out to Kevin Livingood for having his best day ever at the market, leading the home goods segment this weekend.

Overall, we had 77 vendors which reported sales in excess of $1k this weekend - and dozens more very close. Congrats to everyone for their solid efforts.

Somewhat incredibly, we have also surpassed $1m in reported vendor sales for this season - momentum at River and Erlanger are exceptional, and firmly contribute to 40% of that milestone.

Have a great week!

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Congratulations! we love his work! The Chattanooga Market has the most awesome artists and the best variety!


Congratulations to everyone! We have a wonderful market!

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