Market Report: Jan-Mar 2024

Happy 2024! I’ve been a bit quiet this year, with quite a bit taking place behind the scenes, but the progress of our season thus far only proves that my constant involvement is greatly over rated – our season is off to a record start, all due to the amazing efforts and coordination of a solid market team. My hat is off to Jake, Lauren, Sarah, Brandy and Melissa for their focused efforts.

When Melissa and I first took over the Market, which only consisted of the Chattanooga Market, the total vendor revenues for a given Sunday were in the mid-20s to 30s range; our goal was to hit sustainable 40s, which would result in a break-even operating model (at that time - inflation, insurance and related costs have definitely increased since then!). River Market, which struggled for years, posted sales of $47k on Saturday, and another $31k on Sunday – exceeding what the Chattanooga Market reported not so long ago. Truly outstanding; we appreciate the partnership with the TN Aquarium, our friends in the area who celebrate the return of River Market each Spring, and our quality vendors who thrive in this environment. A congrats to Jake for keeping things running smoothly, particularly as it’s largely a solo effort.

River Market this year has posted combined vendor sales of $146,550. If we dial back the WayBack Machine, the entire 2019 Season (pre-COVID) reported sales of $215k – there is a very good chance we will surpass that entire season this March. That’s an incredibly big deal, congrats to all involved with that market.

The Chattanooga Market at Erlanger was also a solid year-round market pre-COVID, but took a multi-year absence while the hospital and globe wrestled with social distancing, containment and prevention of the virus. The restart of Erlanger was not one of instant success - it’s been a rebuild, led by the enthusiastic efforts of Lauren. I’m happy to report that we are finally back on track, with Jan-Mar 2024 vendor sales running equal to 2019 momentum we had reached after years of prior work. Space is significantly constrained at Erlanger, so a lot of additional growth seems unlikely, but we are firmly back into the public minds and shopping habits with our mid-week market option. Congrats to Lauren and vendors who have invested in that rebuilding process!

For the 2024 Season thus far, we have reported vendor sales in excess of $185k - possibly our strongest start ever. Opening Weekend for the Chattanooga Market is pretty much filled, and May enrollment will go online for all markets on April 1. A hearty thank-you to Sarah for keeping those details neatly organized, smoothly scheduled and predictable. We are officially space-constrained at all of our markets, but our systems for enrollment create a fair and predictable system for everyone to be involved.

As you may know, we are the largest 501c3 non-profit market in the State of Tennessee - the only one in Chattanooga - and with that comes fiscal and legal responsibilities, including audits and external review. Brandy has led these efforts with our various auditors for over a decade now, with zero issues ever raised, which is a testament to the efforts and diligence we take in our operations. It takes pride in work, knowledge and hard effort to continually earn a clean audit. We’re fortunate to have someone who enjoys leading the Chattanooga Market so much on our team, and is also so skilled with keeping our accountings well-organized.

I look forward to seeing you all in about a month – Opening Weekend is just around the corner!


Great news! A hearty thank you to the Market team – always a pleasure to work with.



We at Heavenly Hill Honey appreciate all the hard work you and the team put into this market! We look forward to doing it for many years to come!

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Congratulations :tada:. Shows y’all’s hard work pays off. Great Job

Thank you for all the work you do!

Thank you to the entire team for your continuous hard work!


It has been a great season so far, Thanks to all the Support from the Market team!!

Congrats and thank you to the entire market team for all the hard work.

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