Winter Break - Season Wrap

It’s that time of year when we look forward to slow days by the fireplace, and pretty much doing anything other than setting up for a market in the early mornings. We had the best season of our history, with records shattered on every front, so we are indeed ending on a very high note.

Holiday Market was exceptional, with each day of the final weekend posting the highest sales ever.

  • w1/Sat: $123,266
  • w1/Sun: $139,409
  • w2/Sat: $141,534
  • w2/Sun: $144,825
  • w3/Sat: $150,233
  • w3/Sun: $162,452

The grand total for Holiday Market 2022: $861,721 – the best holiday market series ever. The proximity of the final weekend to Christmas was spaced perfectly this year, as momentum simply continued to build each day of the series. I’m really impressed, and feel very good about the series.

The only thing more impressive is how the season as a whole finished; 2022 vendor sales were a record-setting $6.16 million this season, over $1 million more than last year. And this was with fewer active vendors, due to some subtle policy changes we made towards the start of the season. Congratulations to our vendor community for building successful businesses within the Market - it was a great season with very few issues.

I want to recognize our staff who did an incredible job this year, as their efforts made this level of success possible. We have never had a stronger management team, and their decisions, actions and management expertise has guided the market to record levels. A warm thanks to Brandy for taking the reigns of the flagship markets with patience and kindness, Sarah for her work refining our knowledge bases, compliance requirements, Jake for leading River to new levels (and keeping Sunday executing smoothly), Lauren for restarting Erlanger with new energy and of course Melissa for connecting our messages to these amazing crowds and patrons which support us so passionately.

Our offices will be closed for Winter Break until late January; you are welcome to send us a message, but we will likely not respond very quickly. (Lots of vacations being taken over the next few weeks). Phones will also roll to voicemail, for the most part. Also, some of our internal systems will be updating over the winter – please note that the Vendor Forum has moved to – more details on some of the new capabilities will be shared in the Spring.

Happy Holidays and Merry New Year to you and your family!


Happy Holidays, Thank you for a great season
Greg & Betsy

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Happy Holidays and thanks for all you and your team do. It is truly appreciated.

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It WAS a great season and holiday market. Thanks to the market team and a great group of talented and hardworking vendors.

Happy Holidays to all!

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