Opening Weekend Report

Congrats, we survived a very busy weekend – and I feel confident in announcing that the Market is back to normal. I personally logged over 43,000 steps this weekend, and am feeling the soreness just a touch. Mark me down as being “out of practice” for the restart.

Excluding alcohol, the Market posted nearly $300k in total vendor sales (we easily cleared that threshold with beer/wine included). Individual segment averages were all strong:

As with everything, some vendors did better - and others posted lower results. This is natural, as it takes time to refine your craft, build inventory and customer base. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is a good business.

I don’t have time to grind through the numbers significantly - we have a very busy month ahead! - but did want to give a nod to our top food truck (posting $8k of two-days sales), and our top new food producer ($4,500). Nicely done!


A few quick reminders:

  • register online, in advance, if you wish to attend; the fears of COVID appear to be gone, and we’re seeing strong demand from both customers and vendors. If you plan ahead and communicate, it tends to work better.

  • you need to check-in upon arrival; after 9am is considered late/no-show, unless you call the main # (423.648.2496) and speak with a human. All vehicles must be out of the market space by 10am for the remainder of the season.

  • We do not have onsite storage for anyone; if you are storing items in our storage locker without our 2022 consent, then your items will be discarded during our upcoming annual purge. You have been warned.

  • several people have asked about walk-ups; if the online RSVP says that we are sold-out, there is really no chance that we will have extra room for you. That trend typically shifts around July/August, but every year is different.

It was great to see everyone, and the group coordination from within the vendor community makes everything smoother. Thanks for being fantastic people!


Thats awesome. I cant wait till I get to be there!!!

Will there be roll-call the rest of the season at the Market and if so, what time does it start? If not, when will we know what spot we have each Sunday? Thanks!

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Hey thanks for everything you and the other staff do. I didn’t realize how much i missed being at the market lol

Sunday Market is preassigned spaces – when. you arrive, check-in at the front desk (opens at 8am)

This is great news!

I will miss next weekend because of surgery.I emailed and texted Brandy.
I’ll look forward to being back the following weekend.

Best Wishes to Everyone,

Susan Parry