Market Reports 2021 YTD

We are off to a remarkable start of 2021! The above table reflects the total vendor sales through May 31 in 2019-2021; as a reminder, we had the Erlanger Market up and running at least partially in 2020.

On an overall year-vs-year basis, we’re up 20% vs 2019 – a full recovery, indeed! But once you back out the absence of the Erlanger Market (and other special events, including SipTN which has not yet happened) we’re up over 30%. Consumer support has been strong and amazing.

What’s even more amazing is that our average sales for the Chattanooga Market has broken $1,000/vendor for most days – this has never happened before. People are happy to be out, the weather has been fantastic and there is saved money to spend.

The Top 26 Sales Reports from 5/30

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