Market Reports 2020 YTD

We’re off to a good start with the Markets this year, and wanted to give everyone a bit of an update. The graphic above shows all of the current reports for all markets thus far. But this table doesn’t tell the full story (none ever do!), so I’m going to share another table that appears on my dashboard each week:

This second graphic is the Top 10 Vendors for the last week, all markets/reports. Most, but not all, of those Top 10 sales are Food or Farm related – as is to be expected. People eat most every day, so consumables always lead the pack except during the holiday/seasonal periods. As the quantity and variety of food options increases, it improves the traffic and overall sales for all categories of products. Pretty simple/straightforward.

It’s important to point out that these would be strong sales reports for any vendor, at any market, including the downtown Chattanooga Market during the peak of the season. Both Collegedale and Erlanger have repeatedly shown that the customer support is there - creating a diverse supply of products and consumables is the key to these sales levels.

Have a great week!