New Vendor Orientation Time Added

New Vendor Orientation:

  • If you were approved as a new vendor last year or this year you have to attend our new vendor meeting on Friday Night at 6:30pm or at 8:30 am on Saturday Morning.
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Hi Tucker. I attended some last year as a new vendor. I am signed up for May 2nd and May 30th. Not sure if I ever did an orientation. Would I need to do this one?

Randy Griffith

Tucker, I was approved last year. Can you give more info on these orientation times? Are they online or in person and do I need to sign up? I can’t seem to find any details on site.
Thanks, Tracy

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Yes, you would need to attend one of these two,

They will be at 6:30 pm on Friday or 8:30 am on Saturday at the Market Front Desk. You do not need to sign up, but they are in person.

Is that for this Friday? Where is the market front desk located?

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Where is this meeting?

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What’s the address and how long will it last?

We are out of town so what can we do in this case?

They will take place this Friday and Saturday at the Market. The market front desk in located at the from of the Pavillon…

They last 20 minutes on average. If you are attending opening weekend this weekend then you will need to attend one of these meetings.

If you are not doing opening weekend our next new vendor orientation will be May 9th at 8 am.

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This coming Friday at 6:30. What’s the address?

1826 Reggie White Blvd
Chattanooga, TN 37408
United States

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Thank you! Much appreciated

Okay this might post twice but can I attend the Friday one even if I’m not doing opening weekend rather than waiting for the May one? Thanks

Yes, you can attend on Friday.

Sorry for all the questions…is this new vendors just for the Chattanooga Market or any of the markets? We usually do the River Market

It’s just for the Chattanooga Market.

If I understand it correctly, the meeting is Friday 23 April

Sorry but I am new to the market. So if I understand I correctly, I will attend new orientation Friday at 630 pm, but that doesn’t guarantee that I can attend the market on that Sunday ?

You had to register for opening weekend. If you did not register then you will not be able to set-up. You can still attend the meeting if you would like to get your new vendor orientation.