Oktoberfest 2019 Report


Briefly, Chattanooga Oktoberfest 2019 was incredible and broke all records. Combined sales easily busted through the 300k threshold (a first!), with the Top 8 Vendors posting about 165k over the weekend.

  • We sold more Market Merchandise than all of last season.
  • Several vendors reported their best sales ever
  • Top Food Truck was in the $17k range (and going for 20k next year)
  • Top Arts/Crafts (Personal Goods category) was over $3500
  • Top Agricultural Partner was over $3100
  • and yes, we sold a pint or two of beer!

Oktoberfest is our largest “save up for the winter” events, and I’m thrilled with out it turned out. We’re still waiting on some sales reports, so the final sales averages/etc.

Special thanks to my awesome “behind the scenes” crew pictured above who make everything work smoothly, professionally and fun. They are the best!


WOW!! Those are some impressive numbers!!!

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It was a Great weekend for Noble Woodcraft. Thanks for all you and your team do!

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Glad it was good for some people.