Oktoberfest 2021 Report

Thanks for a great weekend!

We made history this weekend, posting our #1 and #2 best sales days in our 20 year history. And it wasn’t even close to #3 – the turnout for Oktoberfest was exceptional.

Saturday now holds the record for top sales day ever, with combined sales of over $209k! Sunday was quite strong as well, with over $192k in vendor sales. This is the first time we’ve ever busted two-hundred thousand in a single day, and the first time we’ve ever posted over four-hundred thousand in a single weekend. Absolutely fabulous!

Sure, beer did great - we set new records in that territory, too. But that’s only part of the story – 104 vendors posted daily sales in excess of $1,000. We had multiple food vendors break the $10k threshold for the weekend, two of which cleared $14k each.

Our top clothing provider posted single-day sales of $3,700, leading the market’s arts/craft categories. The Market’s own merchandise sold-out in record time, at record sales levels - it was incredible.

One quick housekeeping item:

  • if you failed to drop an envelope, you need to resolve that ASAP. We have a list, and will be suspending vendors who left without reporting or making prior arrangements.

I would like to personally thank Jade Lockhart for going the extra mile this weekend, and keeping our market family safe and healthy. We miss his regular market appearances, but was grateful for his skills this weekend. Thanks, buddy.


Sigh - I ran out of product Saturday and missed Sunday altogether. What a great turnout!

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Awesome news! Congrats to everybody!!!

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