Opening Weekend 2021 - Sold Out

UPDATE 2/25: Opening Weekend is sold-out, and at our COVID-19 reduced target capacities. There is additional space available for Fresh Produce Farms and Food Trucks (currently, 3 food truck slots still remain via the online ticketing portal below). Contact our Help Desk ( or call 423.648.2496 to request a spot.

There is no further space available for arts, crafts and packaged foods.

Vendors interested in this weekend are recommended to attend the Collegedale Market (10am-2pm) on Sunday, April 25 – ample space remains at the Collegedale location.


AWESOME so excited and looking forward to it

When may I apply for the Holiday Market?

It will be published July 1 (give or take a few days) – Christmas in July!

I had a question about “advertising” my craft shop being at the markets?

Reading vendor guidelines I saw where it needed prior approval? Just wanted clarification on that, if I needed to email someone to get approval to post on my social media channels, etc. Thank you

Great question, Whitney - and thanks for asking. Just email a copy of your proposed advertising to the Help Desk ( and we will respond quickly.

In general, if you say things such as “we’ll be at the Chattanooga Market” – it will be approved. We discourage use our logo or wording which implies a tone of endorsement or sponsorship. Your product/booth should not be construed as being operated by the market itself. (And yes, it’s happened before - thus the policy!)