Opening Weekend, May Signups

I hope you all had a great holiday weekend - Kim and I enjoyed Easter with our daughter/son-in-law in Maryland, it was much cooler than I prefer - but it was great to spend it with the kids.

We are sold-out/at-capacity for Opening Weekend (have been for a bit), and May is down to a handful of remaining spots in some categories. Erlanger is also sold-out (for May, as well), and River is at/near capacity. If you would like to attend, please register ASAP - once we run out of capacity, there is very little else we can do.

The final layout/booth assignments for Opening Weekend will be published next week - we’re basically done, aside from a review phase where we verify that everyone who has contacted us has been placed. Our Season Pass participants occupy the bulk of the indoor facility, and we have quite a solid presence outdoors this first weekend. I really love our street truck look, as it creates a great atmosphere for our guests.

The food regulatory folks are backing off from COVID topics, and focused again on food safety issues and a new wave of laws/regulations taking effect this season (and potentially more changes next season). It’s your responsibility to make sure your business is compliant with the new rules, which means actively keeping in touch with the inspectors, regulatory publications and permit changes.

I am really excited for this season – there is an energy I haven’t felt in a few years. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone, and wish you a great Spring!


We are excited too. Got a nurse to stay with my mother both days so me and pete can both be there together Sat and Sun. Yeaaaa


Ready to go and can’t wait! Been working hard to create a lot of new work for the season.


I’m sooo excited and am looking forward to a new season as well as seeing old friends.
I’m “in for the new as well as the old.”


Count down starts tomorrow…ready - almost, sewimg sewing sewing… can’t wait to see everyone and all the new goodies. Here we go​:blossom::wink:

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