Spring Opening Weekend!

It’s here! We have finally made it to Spring 2021!

A few comments about the weekend:

  • All events are sold-out/at capacity - so if you are not already registered, sorry :frowning:
  • The weather looks like typical Spring weather. We are a rain-or-shine event, unless there is dangerous conditions present. If we must cancel a market, it will be posted to the vendor forum and an email will be sent to registered participants.
  • Brandy will be handling the River Market this weekend, and Sarah B and Kim in Collegedale – I’ll be around all of them some myself. Can’t wait!
  • The Market will not have cash/change available at any locations – get your square/payment systems ready to go.

A quick refresher on COVID protocols:

  • We’ve lost vendors, staff and friends to COVID over the last year; it’s real, and the consequences can be fatal.
  • We are asking all of our vendors to wear face masks, to wash down your surfaces regularly and basically stay a bit paranoid - I don’t want to lose you, too.
  • The vaccines are being distributed, and there is talk of returning to normal soon. That’s great, I’m so excited – stay safe until then.

Even if you’ve been fully vaccinated, pop on the face mask when a customer approaches – consider it a courtesy, even if you don’t personally view it as a health measure. We can all be friendly, can’t we?

See you soon!


Is there anyway to know since collegedale is sold out if we are far enough in points that we will be one of the vendors inside so we can plan accordingly

We will be holding a traditional roll call at Collegedale – so those with higher points will be able to choose indoors, if that is their desire.

What time is roll call

It’s on the left column of each market registration page; Setup is 9am at Collegedale

Excited about attending Collegedale. While I use a tent at Essentials market, I understand most don’t at Collegedale. Do you have vendors outside, so that I need to bring my tent just in case? Thanks.
Susan Farrow

There will be a lot of vendors outside; I recommend bringing a tent. And weights…

Will we set up Friday night and leave tents Sat night for opening weekend?

Will we be able to set up Saturday morning, or do you prefer we set up Friday? What is the lastest time to set up on Friday and earliest on Saturday?

Susan - yes, overnight security is being provided

Edie – contact the help desk if you have a specific need (help@publicmarkets.us) – the bulk of people setup on Friday, but we do have some early arrivals on Saturday morning. I don’t know the exact time yet, but typically before 8am.

I’m trying really hard to have my cookies ready for Saturday but may not make it, and will just be open Sunday. How bad is it to have a booth that’s not open Saturday? Or, can I come sell later in the day on Saturday? I’d just be bringing cookies. Sigh…

Hi Susan,

Do what you need to do – we’re all relearning how to ramp up and be involved in these larger festivals/events after the extended down season of 2020! If you need to skip Saturday to make Sunday a terrific experience, do it. The market will still be there…

I do not recommend that you arrive late on Saturday, however. Better to miss it entirely.