Opening Weekend Registration Timeline

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Welcome to the Chattanooga Market 2020 Season! We are so excited this year to welcome you back and to start out our third decade of market-madness!

Early Registration Schedule

  • Reserved Booth holders will be emailed private online registration instructions no later than Thursday, February 20, 2020, and they will enjoy an exclusive registration period until March 22.
  • All vendors must register in advance for this event. This includes Reserved Booth holders. No walk-ups will be allowed.
  • Returning Food Trucks should contact the Help Desk to verify permit/insurance compliance, and to receive registration instructions.
  • Deadline: March 22, 2020 will conclude the exclusive registration period for Reserved Booth holders and returning food trucks.

General Registration Schedule

  • General registration will open on Wednesday, March 25, 2020 for all approved vendors.
  • This event has sold-out for most of the last decade, so please read the instructions below, register early and do not attempt to jump segments during registration.
  • Deadline: April 14, 2020 or until capacity is exhausted.
  • Farms: we understand the difficulty timing fresh produce crops, and have made provisions to provide late notification for your unique challenges. Please contact us to let us know your intentions (, or call 423.648.2496), and we will work with you as Mother Nature allows.

We require an extra week to process Opening Weekend, so note that the registration deadline is earlier than our normal routine. This event will sell-out, so late registrations (other than produce farms who have been in touch with us) will not be allowed.

Opening Weekend Event Schedule

  • Friday: Setup: 1pm until 7pm ( positively no setup before 1pm )
  • Saturday: Open 10am-5pm
  • Sunday: Open 11am-5pm (but crowds will arrive at 10am)

Fees include setup for both Saturday/Sunday, and overnight security; 10% sales commission collected at end of each market day.

As has been the case for the last umpteen years, all Opening Weekend vendors must register in advance in order to participate - walk-ups are not allowed for this event. We will be sold-out for this event, and commonly throughout the rest of May. Please plan accordingly and register in advance.

All current insurance, health permits and similar requirements must be received and on file before your registration will be accepted.

You must register by your Vendor Segment:

  • If you are a farm, have a TN Department of Agriculture permit of any sort, or sell grocery-style products: you are likely in the Farms/Grocery segment
  • If you are a food truck, have a Hamilton County Health Permit for food service, or sell products primarily consumed onsite: you are likely in the Concessions segment
  • All other arts, crafts and service participants are likely in the Arts/Crafts segment

You will select the segment you are registering for using the button shown below right of the red arrow:

Important: Each segment has its own space capacities, and some vendor segments will sellout before others; do not attempt to register in a different segment, as you will be disqualified from Opening Weekend . We have held back a certain amount of additional space in each segment to fix problems that might arise; contact the Help Desk at and we will add you to the wait list for your group.

Produce Farms: we completely understand that you have no idea if your crops will be ready by Opening Weekend. We have space set aside to handle your shorter-notice arrival.

The goal of all of this is not to be burdensome, but to help you participate in our markets with as little hassle as possible. Have a question? Contact us! The Help Desk is best (, but you can also call us at 423.648.2496 or reply with a group question to this forum.


Reserved Booth holders have been notified (28 people have already registered) – returning Food Trucks need to contact the Help Desk to verify insurance/health compliance and register before General Registration begins.

Hey there. I have not received an email. I just happened to be going through sorting my emails and came across this. Can someone please send me what I need to register? Thanks.

You were quite literally the first name on the email list – so it’s there somewhere.